by mazgi | December 25, 2020
This is an article that was published on the “DeNA Advent Calendar 2020” for December 25th. To those of you who only read English, I’m sorry the links are mostly Japanese. Hi, I’m @mazgi. In the last article, I wrote that we are renewing this blog. This blog has been renewed on Apr. 2020 and thanks to you, the readership is going up and everything is going well. The internet is flooded with announcements of new releases. However, there are few articles following up on what’s happened to those new releases. Therefore, as the individual who was allotted the last day of the advent calendar, I’ll follow up on the results of the blog, whether it could be considered as a success or a failure. Renewal: What Changed? Our blog was built ten years ago and powered by Movable Type (MT) which was the standard back them, and it has been hosted on a Linux virtual machine on our on-prem infrastructure. However, technologies have improved in these ten years, so nowadays hosting static websites such as blogs don’t require servers. Therefore, I decided, “I will not use servers anymore!” on this renewal. As a result, we designed a new blog